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Forex Trading Tips – copy top traders automatically

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How To Trade Forex – Forex Trading Robot

www.healthycactus.org Are you looking to learn how to trade forex? Have you considered using a robot to trade the FX Market for you? In this simple and short video you will see the number 1 rated forex trading robot since its launch in 2009. This robot has been trading with 95.82% accuracy in every single market condition. To see for yourself what this forex robot may be able to do for you visit the website below: www.healthycactus.org www.youtube.com

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How To Trade Forex – Best Forex Trading Robot

www.healthycactus.org Are you looking for information about how to trade forex? Did you know you can use a robot to do the trading for you? In this short video you will see one of the top forex trading robots. This robot works for you by making trades based on its own calculations. To try the forex robot out for yourself simply visit the website below: www.healthycactus.org www.youtube.com

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A beginners guide – How to FOREX Trading System | How to Trade Forex | FOREX Trading Strategies

Learn more at www.etoro.com ◄– CLICK THERE ████████████████████████████████████████ Watch Forex Trading learning videos – the easiest way to understand all ins and outs of currency trading. The Forex Video…

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Stock Market Symbols: You Must Learn Them All If You Want To Be A Serious Investor

f you find that you are having a hard time understanding stock market symbols, do not feel discouraged by this. These symbols trip a lot of people up. They can definitely be confusing for anyone who has not mastered the basics yet. It takes considerable time to do this, but I have taken the time to provide a few symbols to get you started off right.

The ticker symbol

The purpose of the ticker symbol is to inform investors and other people what corporation they represent. They are essentially acronyms. You will notice that they are comprised of up to four letters. In some cases an extra identifier might be added on. These identifiers are designed to tell a person what class of stock they are dealing with or what grade of stock.

Finding out what the ticker is for a company

It is going to be important for you to know all of the ticker symbols for the companies you will be investing in. If you do not know what they are then you can use a number of online tools to find them. Once you know the ticker symbol make sure you don’t forget it. After a while it should become easy to identify various stocks in this fashion.

The last trade/close symbol

In order to make an informed decision when it comes to investing in a stock, it is crucial to know what the price was when it was last traded. The last trade/close symbol discloses this information. When the price of a stock is reported after the market has closed, then the stock price will be reported as “close” rather than “last trade”.

The trade time symbol

You will want to keep up on when the last trade was reported for a given stock you might be interested in buying. This might help you to make decisions as to whether getting in on the stock is a good idea. The trade time symbol will give you all the information you need regarding the last time a stock was traded. This is done for all stocks.

The change symbol

Changes are important to know with stocks, because if you are trying to search for certain patterns you need to know what changes have occurred the most recently. The change symbol tell you how much the value of a stock has gone up between the price it finished at the previous day and what the price might be at the moment.

The previous close symbol

If you are a day trader you cannot afford not to know what price a stock closed at the day prior. That is what the previous close symbol does. You will be able to look at it and immediately tell what the value of a stock was the day before. This will give you indication as to how that stock is performing and what you might expect in the near future.

The open symbol

Stocks open at certain prices and then they can fluctuate throughout the day. For some day traders they base their entire method of trading on what the opening price is. Use this symbol to look at the value of a stock for a given day. Usually the change is going to be minor. There should not be a dramatic change unless something big happened with the company the stock is associated with.

There are many more stock market symbols, but the ones I described above should help you to get started on the road to learning what they all mean. You cannot hope to beat the stock market if you do not have a full understanding of these symbols. So even though it is not going to be pleasant, be sure you take the time to learn them all.

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Day Trading Rules In Order To help You be More Successful

Day Trading Rules In Order To help You be More Successful

Day Trading Rules In Order To help You be More Successful 

In order to be successful with day trading you need to follow certain day trading rules. These rules are designed for the most part to protect you from yourself. Day trading can be fun and can make you a lot of money. It can also destroy you if you are not taking the time to do it right. Following are a few simple guidelines that should be followed.

Be sure to enter a trade at the right time, exit at the right time, and escape at the right time

If you want to be a successful day trader you will need to make sure you have a solid enter price for the trades you want to get into. Next you will want to make sure you have an exit price. Lastly, you will need to have a worst case scenario price. Setting a proper stop loss will keep you from losing your shirt in day trading. Knowing when to get in and out will help you to lock in gains.

Do not start trading as soon as the market opens up

When you first get into day trading, make sure you avoid any serious trades in the market for a while. You want to wait at least 30 minutes to begin trading. The first 15 to 30 minutes of the market being open are usually panic orders or orders that were placed the previous night. The market open is not a good time to start looking for good opportunities.

Be sure you are using limit orders and not just simply market orders

When you place a marker order what you are essentially doing is informing your broker to buy or sell at a price that is the best currently available. This is not going to mean profits for you in a lot of cases. When you place a limit order instead you have a lot more control, particularly regarding the highest amount you will pay to buy and the minimum amount you will accept to sell.

If you are a beginner make sure you are not making choices based on margin

When you decide to use margins you are taking out money from the brokerage firm you use in order to bankroll all or a portion of a trade. If you are a full time day trader you will be given a wider margin. A lot of this is going to come down to how much money you have in your trading account. The higher the amount the wider the intraday margins.

If margins are used the right way then they can help to increase the level of return a person might get. If a trade goes the wrong way though, then these margins will increase your level of loss. The rule of thumb is this, if you are a newbie to the game of day trading learn how to trade without using margins at first before you make the jump.

Make sure you have set a goal for when you plan on selling

a lot of traders, particularly those who are just getting started will invest a lot of time into what stocks they want to buy. A lot of them will not put too much though into when they should get out. If you hope to be successful long term playing the day trading game, then you will need to know the right time to exit. This will protect you from loses.

These day trading rules will help you in the beginning, but there are many more that you need to learn in order to be successful. There are a lot of people who lose a lot of money trying to day trade. The only way for you to not be one of them is to be disciplined and take the time to learn the game inside and out. It is worth it and it can put you ahead of other day traders.

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